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“Pakistan Se Nahi Haarna”: Kapil Dev Sums Up Drama Around Indo-Pak World Cup Match

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India and Pakistan are scheduled to face each other on multiple occasions, in the forthcoming Asia Cup and World Cup.India and Pakistan are set to encounter each other on several occasions in the upcoming Asia Cup and World Cup tournaments.

India and Pakistan, despite not crossing paths frequently on the cricket field, continue to generate immense hype around their contests. As the two teams prepare to clash in both the Asia Cup and the ODI World Cup this year, discussions surrounding this topic have intensified. In a recent interview, legendary Indian cricketer Kapil Dev provided a unique perspective on the pressure associated with Indo-Pak cricket matches, shedding light on its origins.

When asked in an interview with The Week about the perceived drama and pressure surrounding India vs. Pakistan matches, Kapil, the captain who led India to victory in the 1983 World Cup, clarified that the pressure doesn’t stem from the on-field challenge.

“What is pressure? Pressure doesn’t arise when you’re facing the ball. It begins to build up when your waiter serves you coffee and says, ‘Pakistan se nahi haarna (don’t lose to Pakistan).’ That’s how the anticipation builds,” Kapil explained.

When questioned about his friendships with Pakistani cricketers from his generation, Kapil expressed that in today’s fast-paced world, maintaining such connections can be challenging.

“I don’t even get the chance to meet my own team members because I have my own commitments. Let me ask you a similar question – do you stay in touch with all your school friends? People tend to drift apart or lead their own lives. How can I meet Imran Khan? He was the prime minister,” he elaborated.

Kapil also mentioned that he would have liked to converse with former Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan, but he acknowledges that Imran has entered a different phase of life, particularly after serving as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

“He has moved into a different phase. I would love to meet him, but does he have the kind of free time now? Many people have studied or spent time with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Does he have time for everyone? No,” concluded the legendary Indian cricketer.

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