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Like A Hawk’: Australian Cricketer Fraser-McGurk, To Hit Fastest Century Talks About How Virat Kohli Inspired Him

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Australian cricketer Fraser-McGurk recently expressed his aspirations to achieve the fastest century in cricket, drawing inspiration from the legendary Indian batsman, Virat Kohli. Fraser-McGurk’s journey and admiration for Kohli shed light on the influence of role models in the world of cricket.

Fraser-McGurk’s Fastest Century Aspiration

Fraser-McGurk’s ambitious goal of hitting the fastest century showcases his determination and commitment to making a mark in the cricketing world. Setting records in cricket holds immense significance, symbolizing excellence and skill.

Virat Kohli’s Influence on Fraser-McGurk

Fraser-McGurk acknowledges Virat Kohli as a pivotal figure in shaping his cricketing aspirations. Kohli’s exceptional skills, approach, and style of play have served as a source of inspiration for the aspiring Australian cricketer.

Fraser-McGurk’s Cricketing Journey and Achievements

Fraser-McGurk has embarked on an impressive cricketing journey, marking his presence through noteworthy accomplishments and milestones. His dedication and skillset position him as a promising talent in Australian cricket.

Techniques and Strategies Adapted from Kohli

Fraser-McGurk’s emulation of Kohli’s techniques and strategies demonstrates the influence that Kohli’s style of play has had on the young Australian cricketer’s game. Implementing aspects of Kohli’s approach showcases Fraser-McGurk’s adaptability and learning.

Fraser-McGurk’s Mindset and Approach

Fraser-McGurk’s mental fortitude and focused approach toward achieving milestones highlight his determination and perseverance in pursuing his cricketing goals, including his ambition for the fastest century.

Impact of Role Models on Aspiring Cricketers

Role models like Virat Kohli play a significant role in inspiring and shaping the aspirations of budding cricketers like Fraser-McGurk. Their exemplary performances and conduct set benchmarks for aspiring talents.


Fraser-McGurk’s aspirations and inspirations from Virat Kohli reflect the significance of role models in the cricketing world. His drive to emulate Kohli’s success underscores the impact of inspirational figures on young cricketers’ ambitions.


What inspired Fraser-McGurk to hit the fastest century?

Fraser-McGurk draws inspiration from Virat Kohli’s exemplary cricketing skills and achievements.

How has Virat Kohli influenced Fraser-McGurk’s cricketing style?

Kohli’s techniques and strategies have influenced Fraser-McGurk’s approach to the game of cricket.

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